We offer Medical Record Retrieval Services for the following industries:

Low flat rate pricing. No onboarding fees. No long-term contract.

Interested in modernized records retrieval system?

It is time-consuming and challenging to research for records. Shield Data Network, LLC has developed a two-way digital system that can aid a user in streamlining their medical records requests. We act on your behalf to retrieve and save records in our database for your review using your own secured access. 

Digital, Secure, & Confidential

Shield Data Network records retrieval workflow is processed within the US-grade technology system so we can strictly maintain compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This mechanism, and our supreme server, continuously checks for security measures like encrypted storage and data backup and ensures that it is protecting the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI) across our system. 

Accurate & Efficient

Medical records are in digital form and are ready for applications. Clients can easily search for the records, access the details, and retrieve them immediately. Requests are made through our secure US-grade technology platform. Our Quality Control team carefully reviews all records before they can be released for access by our clients in our secure portal.  

“One Request One Specialist” Approach

Working on our very own software application to streamline the record retrieval process, we have used our experience and insight to develop an optimized workflow powered by advanced tech that we have designed to navigate and solve the most common challenges in the industry and dramatically reduce turnaround times. Our “One Request One Specialist” approach sees us assigning one professional Records Specialist to your case who will oversee, manage, and execute your request from start to finish. This ensures laser focus, consistent communication, and a detailed audit trail of the entire process. 

Experience Matters

Our team comprises highly-specialized experts with a wealth of knowledge in the healthcare industry who work tirelessly to develop innovative solutions for key industry challenges. Our records specialist has the ability to locate, retrieve, and conduct quality control check of the records, that is fast, efficient, and secure.