Shield Data Network

On a bold mission to streamline, centralize, and secure the medical record retrieval process, we are driven to deliver exceptional service with a sense of integrity, dedication, and enthusiasm at the core of our business.


Power Up Your Processes


With extensive experience in the healthcare and retrieval service industries, we know compliance, safety, and speed are of the utmost importance when working on a case. Retrieving medical records in-house can be a costly, laborious effort that ties up your most valuable resources in a lengthy process and leaves room for compliance errors, extended wait times, and a plethora of challenges that can delay your case.


Revolutionizing Your Record Retrieval


Serving clients nationwide, Shield Data Network, LLC. views every request as an opportunity to exceed expectations, build value-driven relationships, and push the boundaries of what's possible to ensure our clients receive accurate and reliable results in record time. Whether you require medical information or legal documentation for life insurance underwriting and claims, workers’ compensation cases, disability management unit reviews, or Social Security support, our team of experts strives to make the process seamlessly efficient.

Specialist Safeguarding at our Core


Our team comprises highly-specialized experts with a wealth of knowledge in the healthcare industry who work tirelessly to develop innovative solutions for key industry challenges. With 14 years of working experience in healthcare facilities and an additional 5 years of experience in government ensuring healthcare entities work in compliance with HIPAA, our Director of Operations is perfectly positioned to lead our team with security, confidentiality, and accuracy at the forefront. Leveraging the power of the most cutting-edge, innovative, and secure technology on the market, our safety protocols and advanced systems are specifically designed to prevent data breaches and safeguard sensitive information. Every phase of the retrieval process is handled with uncompromising security standards, and all records are stored according to HIPAA regulations, giving you peace of mind that your data is always in safe hands.

Rubie Morales

Director of Operations

Shield Data Network, LLC

 Optimized for Speed and Efficiency


Working on our very own software application to streamline the record retrieval process, we've used our experience and insight to develop an optimized workflow powered by advanced tech that we’ve designed to navigate and solve the most common challenges in the industry and dramatically reduce turnaround times. Our goal is to build tools that will revolutionize data retrieval processes, making them faster and more efficient, and ultimately delivering tangible value to our loyal clients. Our “One Request One Specialist” approach sees us assigning one professional Records Specialist to your case who will oversee, manage, and execute your request from start to finish before being able to proceed with another request. This ensures laser focus, consistent communication, and a detailed audit trail of the entire process. At the end of the project, you'll be able to access all of the records you requested in digital format so you can search, access, and retrieve the information you need with both speed and seamless precision.


With a competitive flat rate, no hidden fees, and a steadfast commitment to unmatched satisfaction at every stage of the record retrieval process, we are dedicated to empowering you to achieve your goals with speed, efficiency, accuracy, and security ensured.


We look forward to working hand-in-hand with you on your next case!